Working With Me

I offer a creative approach from an objective position and can focus on the task at hand like no one else. Channeling my previous experiences into your specific Human Capital and Talent Management needs, I provide sustainable solutions. Learn More >

Human Capital Management

Humans as capital? Absolutely. They are the most important economic resource your company will invest in and have a tremendous amount of power to move the barometer of your company’s success in either direction. Learn More >


My intervention method ensures viable, sustainable solutions for organizations of any size, complexity, or matrix level. I'll leave you with a sustainable solution making sure every aspect of your organization is considered when recommending an intervention. Learn More >

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Strategic Change Management

My Strategic Change Model© fosters sustainable, influenced change by focusing on 5 key elements. Your team will roll with any change that comes up and most importantly, they'll rally around it. Learn More >

Strategic Communication

From pulse surveys and internal documents, to websites and tweets, the look, feel and language used to communicate strategically is more important than ever. I can help you determine or convey your organization’s style and figure out creative ways to implement it that are cohesive, meaningful and powerful. Learn More >