I have a passion for meaningful work...and a pretty unique background.

When I was 15, I began an after-school job at the flower and gift shop in town.

That job taught me customer service at its finest. I learned to listen to and interpret the needs of a very sophisticated clientele, and at a young age learned what quality meant in every way. I worked there for many years - through college and even after I started my professional career. The team there was family and we did incredible work together. My passion for flowers, cooking, and event planning led me to get an associates degree in hotel/restaurant management at College of DuPage. After working in the hotel industry, I decided to further my degree with a BS in Computer Science from DePaul University, where I launched DePaul online and email in 1998. Upon graduating, I spent 5 years consulting in the technology field where I built interactive training programs and websites for prestigious clients such as US Robotics and Kraft Foods until I was ready to settle into a permanent job with a great company. 

For almost 15 years, I enjoyed a diverse and successful career at Fortune 500’s No.35 retailer.

President and Founder, Michelle Carnagio

At Walgreens, I was hand-chosen for strategic positions, and was able to drive significant change during both steady and turbulent times.I designed grassroots programs that made a difference in people’s careers and the company’s success. Passionate about the meaningful work I was able to do, I moved through the organization in multiple strategic programs. As a manager, I developed and supported my team to move on and up to bigger and better roles. While we were together, we changed the face of the merchant, marketing and advertising's business practices by driving results using dynamic interaction to enhance the accumulated knowledge and skills of the organization. I take pride in my coaching and mentoring relationships, as well as the many coaches, mentors, and teachers who contributed to my successful career.

A savvy retail professional and expert floral designer with a keen sense of style and trend in the modern workplace and in visual design, I offer a creative approach from an objective position and can take on the task at hand like no one else. Channeling my previous experiences into your specific needs, I will make sure that you have exactly what you need in order to influence—and sustain—the ever-changing needs in your organization. 



  • Computer-based Interactive Training Design Manager

  • Internet Service Provider Management & Marketing

  • Vendor Management & Optimization Manager

  • Strategic Planning & Analysis Manager

  • Organizational Development Manager

  • Organization Design Manager

  • User Interface Designer

  • Category Specialist

  • Change Manager

  • Graphic Designer

  • Floral Designer

Companies impacted by my work

Companies impacted by my work